Commercial solar solutions

Commercial solar solutions

What is Commercial solar solutions?

Commercial solar solutions is solar energy meant for businesses as opposed to its more conventional use in residences. Solar energy is an excellent clean and renewable energy source and a highly effective energy-saving innovation. As an industry, it falls between the residential and utility-scale solar sectors.
  • Reduce electricity costs – Solar energy is cheaper by about 20% than the electricity we get from the grid.
  • This cost-effective solution also has a life span of 20 – 25 years.
  • It’s 100% clean – Solar is a renewable energy source that reduces our reliance on oil, gas, and coal and produces zero pollution making it an environmentally friendly option for manufacturers.
  • Increase business value – Buildings or warehouses with a solid solar infrastructure will demand higher rental or retail prices.
  • Modern production and manufacturing companies will look for solar solutions when looking for new premises.
  • Lower maintenance costs – With no moving parts and little wear and tear our Solar solutions do not usually require a lot of maintenance. We also offer extended warranties on our solutions.

We are Rysun Renergy Solutions, a leading solar energy solutions company in Kerala providing the highest and best quality solar products, solar installations, and services.

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    What is the efficiency of commercial solar solutions?

    Solar panel efficiency measures how well a solar panel is able to convert sunlight into electricity and is an important metric to be aware of as you consider your options for commercial solar panels. Higher efficiency solar panels produce more electricity than lower efficiency solar panels, given the same amount of sunlight and time. Over the lifetime of your solar PV system, this output performance can really make a difference in how much energy your system generates for your business.

    Is 1 kW enough to run a house?

    A 1kW solar system can easily power a 2-3 BHK house wherein you can use one refrigerator, three fans, one TV, one laptop, and 4-5 lights. On average, you can run about 800 W loads on a regular basis.

    Commercial solar solutions efficiency

    Monocrystalline panels typically have the highest efficiency and power capacity. They can reach efficiencies of over 22% and provide over 300 watts (W) of power capacity. Many even exceed 400 W. Polycrystalline solar panels, on the other hand, rarely exceed 17% efficiency and tend to have lower wattages. The efficiency of commercial solar panels typically ranges from 15% to 20%, and some can reach up to 25%. Solar technology has had many advancements over the years, and researchers continue to perform tests and push for even greater ‌efficiency of solar panels and energy output of commercial solar systems.

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